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denis rea
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Hello Colin,

whilst I thoroughly enjoy your epic, I have a couple items that you might call a wish list.

An overall TOE/ order of battle for the major combattants. maybe this could be done as briefing chapter or appendix in the bioghraphies.

An overall map showing the approximate layout of the forntline across the continent at the start and finish of the book.

I know it's impossible to cover everthing, but in regard to production figures US factories could producre 15000 pershings per year & UK facilities

colud probably turn 3600 MK 2 centurions per year. Ship building would be a lower priority so plenty of steel for everything else would be available.

The soviet uinion should be very short on transport at the time of Impasse (no lend lease vehicles or spares) it's something you might touch on as the US & UK supplied hundreds of thousand of vehicles, 2000 trains & 11000 railway cars. Also the partisan activity in the East would be nice to see.

The above should have abig impact in 1946.

hope your keeping well & thanks for the superb books.

PS. with all the previous hints I keep thinking of the possible amphibious landings in Gdansk with the 1 & 2 polish corps + friends.

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Interesting thoughts :-) I cannot possibly comment on some of it, but there are enough clues out there to know that things will go less well for the USSR as of book#5. I intend to produce an OOB, which will be included in the bios and be made available on here for free. Hopefully that will coincide with the book release but the book will have priority of course.


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