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Hi folks. As you may know, Ive recently been buying a lot of terrain and stuff for the wargaming. I would like to commend the following to you.

Raventhorps/Sentry, Grandmanner, and StarFort miniatures.

Raventhorpe/Sentry supply their buildings painted, and I can only say that they are fantastic. My oppo and I swiftly decided that these would be our gold standard and we have already spent a healthy three figure sum on getting some in. Our American cousins can see stuff available to them at or on facebook on raventhorpe's group.

Grandmanner have just started to wind up their 20mm WW2 range, which is a crying shame. ALthough their models can come painted at high cost, the basic resin casts are enough to make one salivate. I have managed to acquire one of each of the 20mm models at the death. I dont doubt these will change hands at great cost in the near future. they have a website where some may still be picked up and also a facebook group.

Starfort miniatures offer an expanding range of mdf buildings that can be supplied pre-painted for assembly at a minimum extra cost. Having chatted with the man, they can also do colour changes on request, and will shortly be posting a colour chart. This may well be at a modest additional charge, but will remove the 'all the same in a row' that can be found when filling out a town. Ive put together a couple now, and they are reasonably easy. The Russian Front range is expanding in the near future. they have a website at and a facebook group too.


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