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HI. just before the holiday I found it difficult to write. That continued a little afterwards but, thankfully, I'm back on track and producing work that I'm happy with in the first instance. The editing and review process will be thorough when I look at the writing around that time, just in case there are problems with it.

I am content that my research thus far can carry me through 'impasse' and beyond, but i do know that I need more knowledge to get me  through the other books.

So, I'm on walkabout again, this time May 2014, when there will be a trip that will take me from through half of Europe. Namely UK - Holland [Rotterdam] - Germany [Schleswig] - Denmark [Karup and Lolland] - Germany  [Rostock and Peenemunde] - Poland [Gmina Frombork and Ketryzn]- Lithuania [Kaunus and Vilnius] - Poland [Bialystok, Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow] - Hungary [Budapest] - Austria [Vienna and Krems] - Germany [Passau] - Czech Republic [Prague] - Germany [Dresden, Nordhausen, Stuhl, Frankfurt and Haserich] - Luxembourg [Echternach] - Belgium [Waterloo, not for the  book research] and home, running from 5th May to 29th May.

I rather suspect it will be in excess of 4500 miles driving, but I did 3600 last october so I should be ok.

I intended to stay at the Wolfschanze [Ketryzn] in Poland but the hotel is already booked! Mind  you, it was the old SS barracks, now converted into accomodation, so maybe its a target for groupies.


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Monthly report for you. Impasse has leapt to 117k words and I'm writing regularly again. Not done many of the graphics yet, so that will chew up some time later on. the whole research trip is booked for next year, with some alterations, now excluding Passau, Echternach and Waterloo, adding in Mauthausen and Mourmelon, with a two night stopover in the Harz mountains as a base for some exploration, a visit to Berlin and Colditz. WIll be a hard trip I'm sure but there are some things I need to know and see before books 5 and 6 can start.



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Sounds like an exciting trip! I visited Colditz a few years ago, and found it really interesting, though very hard to get to if you're using public transport. On the plus side, it was very quiet and the tour guide was able to do a really in-depth tour.

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The research trip I did last year was 3600 miles in two weeks, all in my own car [except the channel ferry]. the same will apply for next year's trip. Three weeks and going as far as Vilnius means probably 4600 or thereabouts. I will publish the itinerary on here as soon as it is all fixed, so you can see where Im going. It may give you some clues about red gambit lol


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