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While we wait with bated breath for Impasse, it might be interesting to see which bits of the previous bits from the books were favourites. Do people like the huge set-piece battles, or is there a particular stand-out character that stuck in the mind? A minor skirmish on the fringes of the war, or an exchange in the corridors of power?

For me, there are 3 moments that really jump out at me. The sequence at the end of book 2, where Senior Lieutenant Istomin coaxes his damaged Tupolev back to his airbase, was intense throughout. Considering the rate at which characters are given the chop, I was genuinely uncertain as to his survival, and it kept me guessing the whole way through. Moreover, his struggles with his crippled plane had the ring of truth about them: I felt I was reading something that had actually happened in the war. I'm glad he survived, and am looking forward to seeing more of him!

The sceond was the duel between the British trawler Sequoia and the Soviet submarine, both for the cat-and-mouse nature of the hunt and for its tragic ending, which was a surprise.Also surprising was my third favourite bit was the death of Sergeant Fusilov, trapped in his burning tank, as it completely subverted what I thought would happen. I was expecting him to be hauled out and rescued in a moment of chivalry, and it was quite a jolt when he got shot instead. Great stuff though, which really brought home the horror of war!

Anyway, those are the bits that stand out the clearest in my mind. What do others think?

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Very interesting! At least two of those would not be up there for me, although the Sequoia was something that I really enjoyed writing and hoped that I had found an edge for. Istomin? Funnily enough, I've just finished another chapter on him so you will see him again, albeit under different circumstances.

I remember when I finished writing Barnstorf that I sat back and heaved a sigh of relief, as I found it quite draining.

The exchange between Knocke and Molyneux gave me no little pleasure I confess, but then I enjoy writing about Knocke.

Possibly I sit back from a piece sometimes and think 'that's not bad' and that can make me think highly of a section that isn't the same for the reader.

My feedback suggests that the battle of the Chateau is one of my reader's favourites and that the Knocke-Haefeli scenario is well up there on the like list.

Certainly I found writing the deaths of the two Canadian tank men a challenge and probably my most unsettling piece to write.

My best friend revels in the escape of Uhlmann and his band from start to finish. Yes, he's a weirdo lol

To be honest, I'm just glad that people wanted to read my stuff in the first place and that so many people have come back for more. Thanks for starting this string and I hope it develops, if only to tell me how to keep people happy :-)


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