Second research trip Second research trip Kolobrezeg An old fort, scene of a famous action in 1945. Who knows what may happen in 46 and 47? 167668299 Kolobrezeg T34m42 with 76.2mm 167668297 Kolobrezeg IS-II with the huge 122mm 167668298 Kolobrezeg near ISU-152, far ISU-122. First I have ever seen of these two monsters..... although they actually didnt seem the monsters I had always thought they were. 167668300 Gdansk Star Fort interior - it was closed - I got chucked out :-) 167754525 Gdansk Bridge to Star Fort 167754526 Gdansk Westerplatte Officers Villa 167754527 Gdansk Westerplatte Officers Villa 167754528 Gdansk Westerplatte memorial 167754529